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Stop by Dynamic Power Racing Technology for auto repair and engine customization services in Moline, IL

Our fast and high-quality services include:

Our fast and high-quality services include:

  • Installing guides
  • Repairing cylinder heads
  • Blueprinting engines
  • Resurfacing flywheels
  • Installing valve jobs for cylinder heads
  • Testing pressure in cylinders, heads and blocks
  • Balancing and rotating assemblies
  • Hot tanking heads and engine blocks
  • Magnafluxing engine blocks and pistons
  • Using a grinding machine for crankshafts
Does your hot rod need a balance rotation or cylinder head repair? Do you want to completely blueprint an engine? Make a pit stop at Dynamic Power Racing Technology today! We have a complete in-house machine shop for all of your vehicle needs in Moline, Illinois. Whether you want to customize an engine or install a performance enhancing part, you can come to us for the service you need.

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